An Asperger's Diary for #AutismSunday

An Asperger's Diary for #AutismSunday

Today is Autism Sunday and there will be lots of posts about how awesome autism is, but for many children it can also be a daily struggle. Here one Mum shares her diary of a few weeks in the life of her 9-year old with Asperger's...

(The diary has been edited with the author's permission and some details have been changed)

October 9th

As soon as he woke he said he didn't want to go to school. That he deserved the day off after the weekend he'd had. He said the school is lying, that he is under stress and is being naughty in school. He tried to bargain with me, and say that if he went in today then he could have Thursday or Monday off. But I kept going and giving him clothes and telling him when to get dressed and when to make his breakfast and I got him out the door. My only concession was that I let him take him game boy with him on the bus.

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