Amazon's response to selling a child abuse manual

Amazon's response to selling a child abuse manual

recently posted on the despicable child abuse manual written by Michael and Debi Pearl, ‘To Train Up a Child’. The post received a massive amount of attention and I thank all of you who raised awareness about this book by sharing the post on social media, by telling a friend about what you had read or by signing the petitions linked to in that post. The book, readily available to purchase, has contributed to the deaths of children in America and is being sold by Amazon.

Since my post, most other retailers have removed ‘To Train Up A Child’ from sale after being made aware of it’s contents and the consequences. Thank you to them. It does beg the question though why retailers don’t first read what they are being asked to sell before agreeing to sell it.

I emailed Amazon a number of times when I posted in November and I failed to receive a single response from their PR or press departments. So, I decided to go down the route of making an official complaint.

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