Am I Wrong? Am I a Bad Mother?

Am I Wrong? Am I a Bad Mother? I want to write down my feelings. I don’t know if I am going to drag my mouse across and hit the ‘Publish’ button. Will I regret it if I do? We’ll see.

I’m starting to wonder just what I have done. Being a single Mum was never in my plans – is it ever in anyone’s really? And then putting someone else who wasn’t the father in the position of ‘Dad’ when he never truly will have a complete share in his investment of time, finances, effort and energy. Ross often questions this and discusses it with me. I was always very apprehensive of having a relationship with anyone for fear of putting them in this exact position. Am I allowed to have feelings on this? But then again, was I supposed to put my life on hold for the rest of my life? So many questions.

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