Am I Judgemental?

Am I Judgemental?

Am I Judgemental? I have been asking myself this question quite a lot lately. It came to light again the other day. I was chatting to my mum in her garden as I was leaving, when someone came up to the gate to say something to my her, and I intentionally turned away! 

This 'someone' was someone I knew from school days. She always bothered with the same set of catty girls..........still does in fact. Although most of those girls have changed, I cannot shake the feeling that she hasn't. 

I take one look at her and the same hatred simply bubbles to the surface. Don't get me wrong, she never bullied me (she had a go at saying something the one day, but I never really cared, so she didn't take it further). I just didn't like the sort of person she was, what she represented......and apparently I still don't.

I have spoken to her in passing, in the past. That was when I was a timid, frightened, person though. I am not that woman anymore and cannot shake the feeling that she is still the same person.

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