Am I a Lady?

Am I a Lady? - Crafts on Sea

Metaphorically I mean, not literally, I like to think I can work that one out myself.

What got me questioning this today was that I took the Great British Home Quiz from Victoria Plumb as part of Brit Mum’s #GreatBritishHome challenge. Based on what I said my tastes were they decided that my closest home style icon is Lady Mary from Downton Abbey and that my style is elegant. Now, I don’t watch tv at all so the fact that I have no idea who she is which made this a tad tricky. Actually, for the sake of factual accuracy let me just clarify that. So far this year I have watch one tv programme aimed at grown ups when our whole household got the vomiting bug and someone had to stay awake with the baby. Programmes aimed at small people are obviously a different matter, if it had said that my style resembles Upsy Daisy I would have had this thing nailed, girl’s got some wicked style.

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