Alphabet Project – G is for Grave

Alphabet Project – G is for Grave

A grave is such a quiet place

Such a sad place

Such a tiny space

No room for hardly anything

Such a small space

I remember being so shocked by the size while we stood there

Watching you disappear

I remember being shocked how tiny everything was

Only ever stood near adult graves

Never near a baby’s grave before

Never taking any notice of them before

I was so shocked on your funeral

So taken back

Such a small tiny space

But as long as I live the most beautiful grave in the graveyard

Always the grave full of colour

The one you can see before you even reach it

The one that is beautiful, stunning just like you

Our daughters grave

The tiniest grave there

But the most colourful one too

The prettiest grave for Rhianna Lily and it will never be any other way

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