Alphabet Project – D is for Delight

Alphabet Project – D is for Delight

Baba loves to grow things, he has my mothers gardening bug, as Mr L and I are useless at growing things.

But we try, because we know he loves it so much.

Last year for the first time we had a proper go at a vegetable patch, and some strawberries and tomatoes. Baba was so excited when they grew and we got to harvest our crop.

This year we thought we would have another go.

We brought some more strawberries, as I wasn’t sure whether the ones from last year would still be ok, after all the frost and snow. But the old ones seemed to keep growing.

Yesterday we planted up the last of the vegetable patch and Baba’s went to have a nose at the old strawberries to his delight there were a load of strawberries growing in the old set.

Now he can’t wait for them to ripen to be able to eat them!

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