Alphabet Project – A Is For Ambulances and Antibiotics

Alphabet Project – A Is For Ambulances and Antibiotics

Anyone who reads this blog will know that on Friday Boo was taken on his first ambulance ride into hospital suffering from croup.

We were in there most of the day and finally got home at two pm.

Since then Boo has battled a temperature, Saturday it was hot versus cold all day long and it was hard to keep it under control to be honest. We did manage it but it was draining, and then he developed a cough.

Not a croup cough, but a cough that sounds like he is almost choking. It’s horrible to hear and again gets worse at night. It was there on Sunday, but manageable, but we decided that another trip to the doctors was needed, as we have thought all along that Boo has a bad throat.

So off we went yesterday to see the doctor again and yes they confirmed that Boo had a sore throat, but his chest was clear and that he looked really well. We were told to keep on top of his sore throat with Nurofen and Calpol and to take him back if he got any worse.

Last night he got worse.

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