Almond Cake Pop Truffles

Almond Cake Pop Truffles

Naturally it didn't take me long to get over my disdain of cake pops and have the urge to make my own. Fad they ceratinly haven't been, I wanted in on this cake pop lark. But of course, there was a sticking point. I didn't have to oppurtunity. You may have noticed from my other posts that my culinary efforts are focussed around family baking and cooking which is probably the best way to describe it. I'm ever so grateful to my mum for giving me near enough free reign in the kitchen to satisfy the majority of my experiments but some things really can't be justified for the simple pleasures of afternoon tea and cake or the delights of a pudding to follow dinner. I would dearly love to have a go at a gingerbread house but it wouldn't egt eaten. I've had only one attempt at making truffles and that didn't produce a very refined result because we don't really need the extra encouragement to eat extras.

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