“What lovely ingredients for a cake!” I hear you say as you are looking at the photo I chose to illustrate this post. I wish I was writing about baking. Some posts are easier to write than others. Music, reading to children, bread, a fun week, pregnancy: easy peasy! Eczema and allergies: not so much… Jumpy cannot have any of these ingredients. Reflecting on issues that are close to my heart, agonising over them dare I say, is incredibly difficult but once it is all on paper (or in this case online!), lightness prevails and relief, giddiness almost, fills me up. As I am about to start, I cannot wait for the daunting task of writing this post to be over.

A week ago, I decided to stop putting it off. I would write about Jumpy’s allergies. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. It has been on my mind for months. Every single time I have closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep this week, I have seen the word ‘allergies’ in my mind, heard the word, almost felt it nudging me. It has been haunting me all week, simply because I have been avoiding it.

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