All The Small Things meets Team Honk

There are a couple of new things on the block at the moment – I’m hoping you’ve heard of both but equally if you haven’t heard of either of them, so bloody what – you’re about to be enlightened. You may have noticed a sudden increase in #teamhonkrelay on social media and much talk of honking and general travel related honkingness. No? Click on this badge, read the site and come back for the next bit. GO! DO IT! I’ll set a Cheetah on you…

For those of you who know me well, now is the time to pick yourselves up from the heap of hysterical laughter you are in on the floor as the concept of my name and sport being associated together is too baffling for words. It is for me as well – sitting here with bits of my body clicking in and out of joint and a torn disc in my lumbar spine – from coughing too much.

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