All the Small Things #3

See my inane, desperately-clinging-onto-being-more-positive-in-2014-resolution grin? Can you feel it vibrating through the screen? All teeth and stretched muscles and OMFG, CAN YOU FEEL IT? Can ya?! So…Small things… Small things… I’m struggling a bit this week if I’m honest… This doesn’t count but I need to share it somewhere. I was awoken on Sunday by Bean unzipping my onesie while I was asleep. Obvs I wasn’t wearing a bra, that defeats the whole point of perfect onesiedom. He then tried to ogle my boobs, so in my bleary-eyed panic, I grabbed the zip, yanked it up and managed to catch a nip in the zip. Nip in the zip. Oh yes. That is precisely not how to wake up on a Sunday. Make a note of it. You’re welcome.

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