All Star Lanes, Manchester

All Star Lanes, Manchester

One of my friends told me about All Star Lanes months before it opened - a very exciting concept indeed. She had been to the one in London a few years before and was certain the Manchester one would be a hit.

Let me tell you a story. I once had quite a glittering career as a bowler. I'll set the scene: year five school trip circa 1992. I was a machine. I was thrashing those mothers. Then my dad turned up and 'corrected' my poor technique. I've struggled ever since. He chopped me down in my prime, and my form has seldom been seen since.

Anyway, my own personal terror aside, we decided to go and sample the food at All Star Lanes on Friday night, after several good reviews from our friends Wayne and Vicki. I was expecting 'bowling alley does decent fast food', but it was something a whole lot better than that. I have to apologise in advance for the appalling photography; it was very dimly lit.

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