All Children Deserve an Advent Calendar. Edit

All Children Deserve an Advent Calendar.  Edit

The Christmas after S was born, I was on maternity leave from work. I was on a minimal income. I was doing okay, day-to-day, but the thought of Christmas was terrifying. It was the first year I would be responsible for someone else’s Christmas, the first year I would be cooking Christmas dinner. I had never even cooked a proper roast dinner before; I didn’t know where to start… but I had a feeling it was going to decimate my bank account.

At the time, we had a Homestart volunteer who visited weekly. The Homestart co-ordinator kept in touch to make sure we were ok, with phone calls from time to time. One day I had a call from Homestart: they were liaising with the Trussell Trust to organise Christmas food parcels to their families, and wondered if I would like one.

The day before Christmas Eve, the Trussell Trust Christmas elves arrived at our door with our parcel. There was a turkey, a tray to roast it in, all the vegetables and trimmings you would normally expect with a Christmas dinner.

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