All About Tea Tree Oil

All About Tea Tree Oil

I have mentiond before the various wonders of essential oils. They are a triple threat, these oils are good for your hair, skin and nerves! However there is one oil in particular that I love to use, Tea Tree! It's a fantastic antiseptic and it's great for healing insect bites and etc. However, I prefer to use it whenever a pimple pops up. It truly is quite fantastic and I totally recommend it if you are acne prone. Here are a a few things that you should know before using Tea Tree Oil:

It's an antiseptic

I've mentioned this before, but it is an important fact about it and is what makes this natural oil so wonderful. This makes the oil a great way to clean minor cuts and stings and treats bacterial infections.

It has a smell

It has a good (albeit strong-esque) smell. Therefore, it's a great cold and flu fighter! Putting a drop or two in your bath or when you do a face steaming, to clear your sinuses and decongest you.

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