Aim High My Lovelies, Aim High!

Aim High My Lovelies, Aim High! -

The twins are now at the age where they own a voice, they have become passionate about their ideas and love praise when they do well. They are progressing all the time and I am so proud of them!

I can’t believe they are learning to read and write already, it didn’t seem so long ago that they were just learning to talk. Mookin has also learnt to whistle lately and is driving us all mad with her practising. She whistles while not only she works, but also while she eats (which has caused a few problems) and it wouldn’t surprise me if she whistles in her sleep too.

I think she only does it to wind her poor sister up, who as of yet cannot whistle a note no matter how much she tries. Mookin is like a dog with a bone sometimes and just won’t let things be. I’m always telling her off for teasing her sister, but then she is the one who gives in if Monkey really wants something badly.

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