After 'The Day of The Doctor'

After 'The Day of The Doctor'

The excitement which led up to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who at the weekend is only just subsiding in our house. The Tardis is still standing proudly in the living room and there is still a slice of Tardis cake sitting sadly on a plate in the kitchen. The boys can not stop talking about and acting out scenes from the amazing 'Day of the Doctor' episode. Focusing their attention on anything not time travel related has proved a little tricky today but we got the in the end.

Theo has ditched his previous reading book in favour of reading through his extensive Doctor Who collection again. He spent the morning deciding his destiny with the ever popular Penguin 'Decide Your Destiny Doctor Who' books. The books are especially good for reluctant readers as the interactive nature of the book really helps to engage the child with the story. Theo has a variety of the titles which he has read over and over again.

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