After Eight Meringue Gelato Cake with Spiced Cranberry Sauce

After Eight Meringue Gelato Cake with Spiced Cranberry Sauce This recipe however is for ‘afters’ fittingly. I was going to my friend Claire’s for dinner and I was taking along the dessert. I wanted to make something that Claire’s whole family would love, which comprises a husband, a 16 year old teenage boy and a 11 year old boy. Surely this would be perfect for everyone!

Instead of the ice-cream which the Viennetta had in it, this has whipped cream, chopped chocolate and crushed meringues, layered with After Eight mints in a loaf tin. It was then frozen and sliced when ready to eat. Nigella's recipe is a bit booze laden, so I omitted this for the kids.

This is quite festive I think, but to add another seasonal sparkle, I made a very quick, spiced cranberry sauce to go with it. This was some cranberry sauce out of the jar, heated with a touch of water to make it a bit thinner. I then added cinnamon and allspice to give it that familiar winter spice hit. This complemented the layers of meringue, cream and mint perfectly.

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