After BritMums Live

You all know that I had a great two days gallivanting around London for BritMums Live at the weekend (you can read my thoughts on that, here). There’s something incredibly liberating about dropping the kids off at school and Kindergarten and hopping on a train to the big city, alone. No struggling with buggies, no desperately wishing I had eyes in the back of my head and more arms to make sure that my children are with me and not getting into trouble, and no one to please but myself. Yes, it’s liberating. However, once the fun of the day has passed and I am tucked up in my hotel room bed, I always become incredibly homesick. It never feels right not having children to check on before I go to bed, and as I lay alone waiting to fall asleep I miss having the hubby to cuddle and knowing that the kids are just in the next room.

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#Project365 Week 29

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