Affliction Men Leather Jackets

Affliction Men Leather Jackets After featuring my fabulous Affliction Black Premium Leather Jacket on the blog, it is now Sexy Hubby's turn to present the two pieces he owns from this great American clothing company.

The first one was a "love at first sight" purchase. He had gone into the Affliction shop meaning to buy a black jacket as a sorely needed replacement for an old one. And then he saw this model in white. A limited edition no less, with only 3'000 items produced. He put it on, and there was no question: It was made for him.

Fast-forward a couple of years and we are window-shopping in Germany on a beautiful, sunny winter day. What do we spot in a prime position in a display? A brown Affliction leather jacket... Of course, Sexy Hubby had to try it on, and guess what? Yes, that one was made for him too!...

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