Advice for new parents and parents to be

Advice for new parents and parents to be

Since becoming a parent for a second time I have been reflecting about what I have learnt about having children, from labour, through bringing a newborn home, to the challenges of a growing child.

I have thought of some advice I wanted to write down for new parents (and for myself to look back on, just in case I need reminding!). So, here goes…

...It hurts! Everyone had told me how much labour hurt but I though well it can’t be that bad or else people wouldn’t do it more than once! With Little Mr A I struggled. I found the pain quite unbearable and there were times I said that silly thing that I shout at people on One Born Every Minute for saying, ‘I can’t do it!’. I had plenty of gas and air which did help a little but it still really hurt! Little Miss A was much easier and, although not pain free, I certainly coped better and I would highly recommend a water birth for assistance with pain relief!

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