Advice for bloggers over Christmas

advice for bloggers over Christmas Today I am dishing out some nuggets of advice* for anyone who blogs over the festive period, with some photos from my morning stroll around Beaulieu yesterday just so you don't lose your minds at being faced with a long block of text..

*might be helpful, might just be tosh



SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. Take lots of photos if you like, but take them because you love taking them, not because you need images for your blog. Sure thing, blog Christmas photos, but the photos you took when you were immersed in special family time - I guarantee you they will look 50 times more amazing for being taken naturally and not because 'mummy (or daddy) needs to take a quick photo of you in that hat'. Children remember Christmas times as they grow older, let's not give them memories of us pulling a cracker with one hand and instagramming it with the other ey?

GET OFFLINE Totally ties in with the whole spending more time with your family thing. Offline as in blogging - don't stop instagramming your dinners - I NEED that in my life. The majority of the blogging community takes a break anyway - so you aren't missing out on anything. Honest.


REGROUP YOUR WAY OF THINKING FOR 2015 I hate New Years Resolutions, for me they work in this cycle: Make a resolution > break the resolution > feel bad I broke it. Therefore I avoid them. But, this is a good time of year to looks at the way you approach things and to inject some positivity. For example...

If lifestyle blogs, depicting the most perfect lives and homes depress you, remember that those people still have to clean the dirty poo marks from their lovely toilets and occasionally pluck rogue hairs they find growing on their belly. All that time spent keeping that home immaculate is time they could have spent stealth-nerfing the back of their partners head, when you look at it like that you are WINNING my friend. Obviously they are showing you the best bits of their lives - so think what are the best bits of YOUR life - that will instantly pep you up. You can carry on being depressed that in your mind your life doesn't appear as fabulous as those you see online or you can think 'ooo that looks lovely' and pick inspiration from what you see. I know which way sounds more rewarding to me.

Everyone else get all the opportunities, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEE. Pull yourself together and be pleased that your friends and peers are doing well. Take the Self Pity Party for One and turn it into a Love Fest for Others.


'AHHHH EVERYONE'S BLOG LOOKS WAAAAY BETTER THAN MINE!' NO ONE IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING. DITCH COMPARISON. It will eat away at you and knock you off kilter. So what if your photos aren't great? So what if your blog is still sporting the same look as it had in 2008? So what if you don't have the best writing skillz? So what if you are rocking bright pink Comic Sans text on a purple background? Actually, that last one is an actual crime and when I rule the internet it will be punishable by hanging. I digress... Be pleased for other peoples talents and focus on what YOU enjoy and are good at. And if all those niggles you have really won't leave you, the skillz you feel you lack you can improve on if you really, really want to. Most of us are self-taught in the online skillz we do have, you've learnt new things before (remember how much there was to take in when you started blogging!) you can learn new things again - what better time of the year is there to try!


Merry Christmas my blogging chums, may there be peace, love and the death of captcha for all x

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