DIY Organic Body Scrub

advertorial After that fiasco, I found I was right, on a sickenly humid and sticky night using this stuff straight from the fridge was utter bliss. Seeing as my shower time usually lasts around ninety seconds, a piddle of water pathetically dribbling from the shower head - apparently we don’t believe in water pressure where I live - and a constant demand for a running commentary from Bean, I tend to have trouble just washing. No heady ideas of exfoliating here normally, but taking the time to do this felt ridiculously indulgent, my skin felt and looked rejuvenated, smelt delicious and beautifully moisturised. I may have licked my arm. Maybe. Exfoliating, not only feeling weirdly satisfying – BE GONE DEAD SKIN – encourages new skin cells to take their place. The coconut oil in the mixture also moisturises as you go, vital for any exfoliating sesh. Remember not to exfoliate more than twice a week, as this can damage your skin, and before shaving people, not after. YOUCH.

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