Adoption and fostering in the UK: Is Fostering for me?

Adoption and fostering in the UK: Is Fostering for me?

Thinking about whether to become a foster parent is a big decision – one that will take a lot of thought and consideration. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adoption for a while and this is the first step, or maybe you just want to give a child in need the home that they deserve. Fostering is a temporary arrangement, but one that involves on-going dedication. Here is a guide to help you along with your decision-making process.

Your values

Different people value different things as being important within a family setting, and that’s fine. You may prefer order and tradition in the home or you may be more freewheeling in your approach to family life. But whatever your values, it’s important above all that you have love to give the child, regardless of their background. You would also need to ensure that you have the time to dedicate the child so that they can put their trust in you – whether as a family or on a one-to-one basis.

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