Adapt and Change

Adapt and Change

Last week I wrote about having an epiphany which helped to lift me out of the funk I was teetering dangerously close to, now that I am between being a SAHM and a full time WM. Of course, those feelings don't just go away, but I veered back from feeling completely aimless and from grappling with the need to be on a corporate pedestal or have amazing blog stats in order to have more of a feeling of self-worth - or more accurately, affirmation, and thankfully that seems to be enduring for now.

This weekend I picked up The Sunday Telegraph while shopping (to be honest, it was because of the 50 best online boutiques article promised), and found myself reading the article in Stella magazine about Sam Baker, ex-editor of Red Magazine, who a year ago left the heady heights of being at the helm of a very successful glossy magazine, and explore new options and opportunities.

At first it could seem that for brave souls like Ms.Baker that she is part of a zeitgeist currently where the more life offers us, and the faster it moves, the more we want to slow it down and streamline it.

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