Actually rather good: companies of the year 2013

Actually rather good: companies of the year 2013

I haven’t written about the disaster of our cake. Another wedding-related item, our fabulous (there is no other word for it) wedding cake.

When we realised the following morning that we had left those chocolate decorations at our party venue I high-tailed it up there to fetch them. They “hadn’t kept them.” Blaming the chocolate for cutting badly, our venue claimed they had discarded £300 of designer chocolate. I have my own thoughts on what happened to it.

I called ChoccyWoccyDooDah to see if they might be able to create a flower and a butterfly for us. I explained how disappointed the children were. Heck I was disappointed. They said yes, of course, and it would be complimentary, as a gesture of goodwill. Why on earth would they do that? It wasn’t their fault, and I was willing to pay.

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