About about being jobless

About about being jobless The first day of the Conservative Party Conference and the knives are out for the long term unemployed. All around the country, apparently, there are hordes of people receiving benefit payments so generous they are living the life of Reilly, content to never work again. This government has an answer though. A draconian and ridiculous scheme to make the long term unemployed work for their benefits. Yes, you heard right. The plan is to make people WORK for their benefits.The one element missing in these people’s lives. The thing that many of them will have been striving daily and despairingly to find will be handed to them on a plate – just like that! In order to receive the small amount of money the unemployed are expected to manage on, those work shy types will have to undertake community work, attend a job centre daily, or undergo what is being term a “full time intensive programme” to find out the underlying reasons for their long term work shyness.

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