A-Z of Me

A-Z of Me

A - is for Adam Ant. Or Arsenal. I guess I will go for Adam Ant as I have loved him longer. But in an ideal world I would combine the two, and have Arsene Wenger dressed as a highway man, players with white stripes on their noses, and goal celebrations that included the famous Prince Charming dance.

B - Bollocks. The talking of, not the actual dangly things. Me and my other half are World Championship talkers of the bollocks and can often be found whiling away the evening whittering total nonsense while giggling. Daft buggers, but never mind.

C - Creaky. I am getting old, and therefore I creak. Not only do my joints creak, but I do. When I stand up I have started to make a groaning noise like a door that needs a spot of WD40. - See more at: http://www.rocknrollmum.com/2013/10/a-z-of-me.html#sthash.6vDredSG.dpuf

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