A year since blogging began! Family life & losing weight!

A year since blogging began! Family life & losing weight!

This year I have decided that my goal is to lose weight. I have started my local Slimming World group and I am slowing (very slowly) losing weight. As there is going to be no more children I have decided to try and regain some parts of my poor broken body and become a yummy mummy not a slummy mummy. Easier said than done but I need a bit of me back for myself if that makes sense. At home I am Mummy, in the school playground I still don't have a name as I am called Ella's mummy or William's mummy, I do the usual mummy jobs at home and I look after the children but I feel I've lost myself. I've become comfortable in the body that I have and along with that comes the essential slummy mummy wardrobe of comfortable trousers and tops all in a different shade of dark. I need to snap out of it and do this for me, make myself feel good again and enjoy life as my babies grow up.

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