A Year Of Books – D.I.Y. Project

A Year Of Books – D.I.Y. Project

I saw something on Tumblr (follow me!!) that inspired me to create a little D.I.Y. project that I’m entitling ‘A Year Of Books’. The image said to take a jar and from the 1st of January whenever you read a book, write it down and put it in. On the 31st of December, open the jar and read the book titles to see which ones made you smile. I thought it was such a sweet idea, so I decided to make a book jar for myself. This project would be a great way to encourage kids to read (not that I actually have any kids to inspire), but you could definitely make a game out of it!

All you need to make your own is an empty jar, scissors, glue stick, patterned paper and a pen.

I used an empty relish jar, which unfortunately meant the lid still smelt like tomato relish. Even after I’d washed it over and over. So to remove the label, it’s glue and the gross relishy smell, I just soaked it in boiling water mixed with baking soda, white vinegar and bleach overnight and rinsed it out the next morning. PERFECT.

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