A year in photos - week 3

A year in photos - week 3

I'm a bit late to this really.  I've seen the Boy and Me running her project 365 for the last 2 or 3 years and never felt an urge to join in. I didn't need any motivation to take photos, I take enough was my logic but actually what I've realised if that it would be good to post once a week with a whole week of photos and to create that visual memory, especially as I've invested £500 recently in a new camera & lenses that I'm just learning to use.

I'm also loving the new series from Love All Blogs called the Better Photos Project. This is focusing on one tip a week to help us newbies take better pictures. This week it is about 'focusing on our subjects eyes' and quite coincidentally I got a lovely photo of Miss E this week which is all about her eyes.

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