A Woodland Walk

A Woodland Walk

Having a dog means lots of walking, which in turn means far too much moaning! Despite the initial promises to walk 'It' every day, I obviously do the lion's share. But when we reach the weekend, I like to bully encourage the kids to come along too. We often end up at our 'favourite place' for ease, but yesterday I suggested another local haunt which we haven't visited for a while.

You may remember that my list of New Year goals for 2014 included more time outdoors and a commitment to improving my photography. I've now got the swanky new camera but rarely take it out, opting instead for the convenience of my iphone. So yesterday, I decided, would be the perfect opportunity to combine the two.

Despite sunshine and showers all morning, we managed to arrive just as the sun was peeping through the clouds and the reflections on the water were at their best.... - See more at: http://www.3childrenandit.com/#sthash.yoRhkRr2.dpuf

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