A Weekend Begins

S has been up three times this evening; I'm not even sure if she went to sleep in between times. Eventually I gave in, and put The Snowman on for her. It's all music with no words, so usually encourages her to drop off to sleep.  An hour later as I creep up the stairs, I can hear nothing. The Snowman has finished, and the dvd is stuck on the silent menu screen. I creep into the bathroom and clean my teeth, and do my best to get into my PJs in silence. Sneak, sneak, sneak. 

I pick up my mobile, my drink and S's drink, and turn off the light on the landing. As I creep into the bedroom, I look over to the cot to check S is ok. She's laying in the cot, eyes wide open, staring right at me. Eye contact. "Uh-oh!" she shouts, as loudly as she can.

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