A Week of Lone Parenting

A Week of Lone Parenting

A week of lone parenting when you're used to dual parenting?

This week the Hubby goes to South Korea and I'll be alone with the boys...

In the past (more than 6 years ago) the Hubby would often have to travel to the US for work. Meetings with Publishers, potential deals to be done and various games industry trade shows meant he would be away for a week at a time. He also worked in an office back then too. Parenting Big Prince alone wasn't a problem because it was part of our routine.

The Hubby has worked at home since 2009 and I’ve got used to having him around all the time. We have lunch together every day, we chat, and I'm lost if he goes out. Little Prince has never known a time when the Hubby wasn’t at home.

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