“A Walk in the Clouds!” – Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland!

“A Walk in the Clouds!” – Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland! There was a strange intimidation as I came face to face with mountains that are millions of years old, of lakes that date back to prehistoric times – an overarching sentiment that populates every spiritual belief system; a sense of being face-to-face with something far greater and immeasurably more vast than yourself, glimpsing the essence of reality and being overwhelmed by it. For that brief spell, the ‘fret of life’ seemed lost! I realise that I’m neither the first nor the last to feel this way, to realise or revel in the fact that there is a harmony in everything – that I, like them are in part sulphur and selenium, manganese and magnesium! That if anything, I am but one tiny stitch linking all those eons to now! I thought a thousand thoughts as I approached the silence of the mountains, bathed in the lightness of misty clouds and carrying a thousand dreams that’ll stay with me, somewhere deep where my meanings are!

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