A Visit To The Sea Life Centre

A Visit To The Sea Life Centre

Last week I realised that a 50% Sea Life Centre voucher we had was about to expire. As Second Daughter LOVES going to aquariums and sea life centres, it seemed a shame not to use it. So on Saturday afternoon, off we went in the company of two of her friends.

I cannot remember how many visits we had already made to that particular centre. However, every time we go there is something else to discover. Last weekend we spotted a brand new turtle section, the jellyfish area had been re-decorated in a very effective pirate ship style and as you may have seen in my last Silent Sunday/My Sunday Photo post, we came across shark babies. I had to ask what they were as I had absolutely no idea - my excuse is that I come from a country where there is no sea to be found - and thank you Lesley from Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford for telling us that they are called mermaids' purses. What a pretty name!

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