A vase and something from space

A vase and something from space

When you read my blog regularly you know that I love those funky vases from W-Germany. And that it hurts when someone wants to paint those beautiful pieces of ceramics. Well, yesterday I came across a vase from W-Germany (the so-called onion vase from Scheurich) which was painted… ehm.. well… with sand and glitter??? Found the vase in a secondhand store and the price of the vase was 1,50 euro. I know, not a lot of money but I soon realised that it would take a lot of effort to remove this paint-sand-glitter. So, it’s still in the shop! I know that taste is very personal so what do you think? Would you buy this vase? Do you like it to give vases and other ceramics a complete make over? Or do you just go for the original look!?

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