A Valentines Eve 'Date Night'

A Valentines Eve 'Date Night' We don't really 'do Valentines' in the big lavish way to be honest, we get little tokens but we don't want to limit our expressing our love to one day out of the year. We use to, but I think we've grown wise to all the cheap tat you can buy from the shops, how commercialised it has become. Nonetheless we love to have a gesture of our love on this day, but we make sure we do everyday anyhow so it's no biggie. I did get some lovely red roses though and I got my soulmate a very lovely mug filled with 5 chocolates (one for each member of our family) but to be honest - I've been drinking out of that mug ever since! ;)

Happy Valentines Eve to the better half of me, my soulmate, my one true love. x


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