A trip home: February 2014

mumturnedmom: A trip home: February 2014

We have just spent a wonderful, if busy, ten days in Dublin and Edinburgh visiting family and friends.

We left Boston in a blizzard, getting to the airport took over an hour (it generally takes less than 25 minutes) and the drive was certainly interesting… Our flight over was fairly uneventful, and at least this year we made it on to the plane before any children were sick… Last year we didn’t even make it to the short stay car park! Sadly we didn’t make it as far as Dublin before the first vomit incident, in this case the 4yo! We flew into Dublin on a flight which landed at 5.30am local time. This, of course, was only 12.30am in our poor heads so we were all a little tired at this point. We made it to our hotel (more vomiting on route; the 4yo really doesn’t travel well) and thankfully were able to check in at 7.30am and go to bed for a few hours.

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