A Trip Away Keeps The Slimming At Bay

Goodness me how I've grown since last week! And I only wish it was as a person, rather than in person. Had a delightful weekend in York with Husband#1 - and yes, I missed the gals hugely, but as we've had different holidays, we won't get any sleep ins this week so a couple of nights and days with no routine was needed. Sleep? Have some. Want to eat? Do it. Don't want to eat? Who cares. Even the T.V. watching was kept to a minimum as we read whenever we liked. What a treat getting to the end of a whole paragraph's worth of sentences without being interrupted. And who better than to read than Adrian Mole? Deep, meaningful and at times, hilarious. I do believe Husband#1 must have known Sue Townsend when younger, as surely she couldn't have used anyone else as her muse? Even if he was only three when it was written (or similar).

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