A Toytastic Day Out (part 1 Argos)... -

A Toytastic Day Out (part 1 Argos)... -

Our epic day out, travelling with 4 children by London Underground, Spotting a Lego tube toys and Argos's predictions for their top toys this year...

We cut through to Regent’s Street where I cruelly nipped down the side street before the amazing Hamley’s Toy Store and past Carnaby Street. It was painful to have to walk past Carnaby Street but luckily for my husband’s wallet, four children and my favourite shops don’t mix. Taunted by the smells wafting from Lush and awed by the cakes in the window of Choccy Woccy Doo Dah we headed on to our final destination.

Yes the wonderful people at Argos have already tipped us parents off with the toys that will be this year’s must haves on every child’s gift list so you can save yourself the last minute rush around the shops hunting for them and get ahead of the game.

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