A Team Umizoomi birthday mission!

mumturnedmom: A Team Umizoomi birthday mission!

This weekend saw us celebrate both the wee girl’s and the 4yo’s birthdays! With birthdays exactly two weeks apart, we decided to invite friends over just once for a party, rather than twice, and celebrate the birthdays together!

Having said that; there was cake last weekend for the wee girl, there will be cake next weekend for the 4 (soon to be 5)yo, and there will be cake again when we have his ‘school’ party… Next year I’m going to work out how I can do all these different parties together! Having decided that I was going to make all the ‘treats’ myself, I do like a challenge; I needed a theme. Thankfully both the wee girl and the 4yo love Team Umizoomi. So, that set my colour theme and gave me a start on the cake. I wanted to have a tea party, with little treats and cakes, as well as the big cake. So, I made cupcakes and ‘top hats’ (which I remember making as a child!).

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