A Team Honk Digital Postcard from Tanzania. #lastingchange

A Team Honk Digital Postcard from Tanzania. #lastingchange

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two months, I don’t think that the bloggersphere could have failed to notice the epic awesomeness that is Team Honkfollow and all that they are doing for Sports Relief.

When I helped out with Comic Relief last year and agreed to receive a digital postcard, I received not one but two and when I saw that this time around they were off again I knew I had to opt in. This time it was a Team Honk Digital postcard from Tanzania – it was the least I could do. Penny, Annie and Tanya are out there to highlight the projects that have been funded by your donations to Comic Relief to enable women in Tanzania get jobs, start businesses and secure a good financial future for their families This is particularly apt because the 8th March is International Womens Day #iwd2014. They are there to support the #lastingchange that our money can make. So if you have sponsored any area of Team Honk over the last two years…thank you…thank you so much. It makes my appearance in that inflatable horse costume so very worth it.

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