A tale of two cooks

A tale of two cooks

The rain was almost horizontal, the sky was pitch black and despite his satnav he’d struggled to find our house. But none of this dampened the supermarket delivery man’s spirits. He cheerfully deposited five bags of groceries in the kitchen, apologised for the missing Rachel’s yoghurt and promised to put a note on the system so the journey would be easier for the next driver.

I’ve rarely bothered with online food shopping before. When we lived in Oxford M&S was just two minutes’ walk away and there didn’t seem much point. But this week I discovered that Waitrose delivers to our seaside town so I decided to give it a shot. Now I’m a complete convert, apart, that is, from the fact that they also delivered a free copy of Waitrose Kitchen, a magazine I’d never read before. Well actually the magazine is great, but the November issue contains the most irritating piece about festive cocktails and canapés by Pippa Middleton.

If I was a young journalist struggling to get work in newspapers...

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