A Tale of Two Christmasses

I've grown to love straddling two cultures, having grown up in Trinidad, my spirit most definitely at home there, yet living in London, and marrying my European husband. It means a great deal that our children understand and appreciate their roots through us both in very different cultures. Our Christmasses therefore are a real mixture too. With our two families living just 40 minutes apart from each other, we indulge ourselves by splitting the time in two, getting the best of two very different Christmas celebrations. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are spent with my family - we have our traditional foods and, mainly to accommodate us, we have a big meal together on Christmas Eve after going to the Nativity Mass, and singing hymns and carols together (have to say, my mom and I do do a pretty descent descant for O Come All Ye Faithful, I look forward to it every year!), before the fun and frolics of opening gifts on Christmas morning.

On Mr.G's side, Christmas is the polar opposite of the one I am used to, apart from the common denominator of raucous conversation and general excitement at all being together and celebrating a special day.

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