A Tale of Toe

A Tale of Toe

Well hello! Welcome back from the joy which is half term!

We had a very busy week and I do not seem to have taken hardly any photos, mainly due to “The Incident”.

“The Incident” occurred on the VERY FIRST DAY of the holidays. We had been at my Mums for all of a couple of hours when rushing around the bedroom getting the kids stuff ready I crashed into an ottoman. I heard a loud crack, felt searing pain and knew this wasn’t good. After a few moments of sitting there trying not to swear loudly I examined a very wonky looking middle toe and tried to stand up. That wasn’t going to happen. I had to hop to the stairs and bump down on my bottom.

I was given advice (by a miserable cow of a nurse) that there was nothing they could do about it “even if it was broken” which she thought it probably wasn’t. She basically told me to stop complaining and get on with it. So after an afternoon of rest that’s exactly what I did. I tried my best to hobble around and even spent Monday morning walking around Chichester with Leon.

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