A sunny walk at Sheepleas

A sunny walk at Sheepleas

Located within the Surrey Hills Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty is the wonderful Sheepleas. Managed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust, this site of Special Scientific Interest is a mosiac of woodland and grasslands and a haven for wildlife.

It was wonderful to wear Summer clothes and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. POD ran through the woodland like a little fairy shouting “come on Mummy and Daddy”. She had a renewed sense of freedom and a spring in her step – perhaps because she was without her coat, hat and wellies.

The name ‘Sheepleas’ is a pointer to its centuries-old use as sheep-grazed meadows or ‘leas’, supporting the local wool industry. The Cowslip Meadow is a well-known Spring phenomenon with visitors coming from far and wide in April and May.

Today’s walk was a leisurely affair. We just followed the pathways, took in the sunshine and said many times we couldn’t believe how warm it was. It must have been almost twenty degrees that day.

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