A Summer of Moomins

A Summer of Moomins

I lived on this great big housing estate in suburban Liverpool, from a working class background, and somehow this bohemian, upper middle-class, Finnish lesbian eccentric felt like she was speaking directly to me,” said Frank Cottrell Boyce.

“They are just fantastically enriching books. One of the things I really took from them was the importance of small pleasures, that life is really worth living if we’re just nice to each other and make really good coffee, and the pancakes are just right – then nothing else really matters in any substantial way.”

I love this quote, taken from a BBC News article on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tove Jansson, artist, writer and creator of the Moomins. Her life is currently being commemorated in countries across the world, through Tove100.

Jansson, a Finnish woman born into a creative family and with a precocious talent that led to her first becoming published at the tender age of 14, translated her life into homely tales with a slow, melancholic air.

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