A Stylish Children's Garden

A Stylish Children's Garden - a beautiful space

For a long time we have lived with an abundance of plastic in our garden. Plastic watering cans, plastic slide, plastic skittles, plastic ride-ons have dominated and it has been a riot of noise colour and fun.

Whilst that was fine and dandy part of us longed for the day the plastic would go. Don’t get me wrong we absolutely want our kids out in the garden playing, getting fresh air and being creative, learning to nurture, tend, grow and explore. I also want them to play, have fun and relax in the garden

The children have a tree house and a giant trampoline and we wanted them to have some more fun things in the garden (without introducing yet more plastic.)

A trip to HomeSense resulted in these fun, stylish and quirky additions….

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Lego Head marshmallow pops