A Squash And A Squeeze

No, this is not a review of the Julia Donaldson book, although it is one that we love, I have simply stolen her title. That is allowed right? You see we are lucky enough to live in a decent sized terrace, three bedrooms, one bathroom, and do not have to accommodate a pig and a cow and a hen. It is just me, Mr B, The Boy and Little Miss. And we fit just fine, most of the time, although sometimes another bathroom would be extremely helpful. But what if we WERE to add one more. I am not saying we WILL, just hypothetically. Things look a bit more…well…squashed. And squeezed. Unfortunately my work, and Mr B’s, often means needing to work weekends when no nursery care is available. This means we tend to rely enormously on the huge generosity of my folks. And, given their generosity, making them camp out on the floor would be rather cruel to say the least so one of those rooms needs to remain, as now, a guest room.

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